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Antibiotics As A Treatment For Stomach Ulcer

Antibiotics As A Treatment For Stomach Ulcer

By Stomach ulcer we refer to ulcerations and open lesions at the stomach level. Stomach ulcers are sores in the inner lining of stomach. Statistics suggest that more than 2% of the citizens in the United States of America are detected with stomach ulcer every year and it is approximated that nearly 8 to 10% of these people have a possibility of developing several other types of ulcer during the years. In the United States of America, there are nearly 0.5 million cases of stomach ulcer annually. The disorder has the maximum incidence in the masculine gender, and it primarily influences people in the age group of above 50.

Stomach ulcer is thought to be a severe disorder. If the medical treatment is absent, stomach ulcer can result to impediments like internal bleeding and stomach perforation. There are several types of treatments available for stomach ulcer. Though, the issue with majority of the medicines is that they just give temporary symptomatic aid, permitting the disorder to recur soon after the completion of the prescribed medical therapy.

Stomach Ulcer

Stomach ulcer is a disorder in the digestive system which takes place because of physiological abnormalities such as poor integrity of the mucosal defensive cover of the stomach, poor production of bicarbonate in stomach, excessive production of gastric acid and pepsin and insufficient mucosal blood flow) and bacterial infection due to Helicobacter pylori. However, these bacteria are considered as the main cause of stomach ulcer, maximum doctors ignore this characteristic and only recommend medicines to normalize the manufacture of the digestive fluids in the stomach. However, antacids and other medicines commonly used in the stomach ulcer treatment can keep the problem under control; they can’t beat the ulcer totally. Until the therapy with antacids is pursued on a regular basis, the stomach ulcer symptoms are very likely to occur again.

One of the most general medicines used in the stomach ulcer treatment is Tagamet. This ulcer medication works by decreasing the levels of pepsin and gastric acid inside the stomach. The issue with tagamet and some other antacids is that they only offer short-term impact. Majority of people suffering from stomach ulcer undergo a reversion of the disorder soon after disrupting the therapy with tagamet.

As the underlying reason of stomach ulcer is infection with bacteria Heliobacter pylori, patients with this disorder should also get a medical therapy with antibiotics. The result of the research indicates that people suffering from stomach ulcer who have been recommended antibiotic dosage like penicillin or amoxicillin have undergone observable ulcer amelioration. Additionally, most patients with stomach ulcer who have pursued antibiotic treatment have been cured permanently. In contrast to antacids, antibiotics can give long-term effects for those people who are suffering from stomach ulcer, therefore reducing the risk of relapse.

A 2-week course of amoxicillin is generally enough to overcome the bacterial infection by Heliobacter pylori. Confirmed with antacids, treatment with antibiotics can cure stomach infections successfully by minimizing the risk of recurrence.

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