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Relation between Antibiotics and Allergies

Relation between Antibiotics and Allergies

The world of science is ever progressing. The reason behind it is the various studies that are conducted revolving around various topics. One very interesting study that was carried out in the year 2005 in Michigan showcased the connection between antibiotics and allergies. The study revealed that there is a fair chance that certain allergies are related to the usage of certain antibiotics.

Yes, it is right. Antibiotics and allergies are connected to each other. All the time when a person visits a doctor, he prescribes antibiotics to the person or the kid but, the antibiotics cause allergies and make the allergies even worse. Some antibiotics of course do good to treat any infection but, some may lead to exacerbation of the allergic reactions.

Antibiotics and allergies

Many studies have been carried out revolving around the same concept. A similar study was conducted on mice. For the research purpose, the mice were given the antibiotic "cefoperazone". This extensive study ruled out some conclusions.

For this specific study to derive the conclusion between antibiotics and allergies, the researchers took two groups of mice. One group of mice was given "cefoperazone" while, the other group of mice was not given any antibiotic. The two groups were closely studied.

In the gut of mice reside certain bacteria. With the use of these antibiotics, the good bacteria that are present in the gut of the mice also get destroyed. With the destruction of the good bacteria, yeast begins to flourish in the system of the mice.

IN the research carried out in Michigan, the mice were treated with "Candida albicans". Candida albicans is a kind of yeast. This yeast lives inside the body of people.

In the course of the research, they also exposed the two mice groups to "Aspergillus fumigates" (nasally). "Aspergillus fumigates" is a kind of mold. Aspergillus fumigates is a very common kind of indoor toxin and egg white protein.

After the long course of this study conducted on the two groups of mice, the conclusion that was derived was astonishing. The result showed that the mice that were not given the antibiotics showcased lesser reaction to allergens as compared to the mice those were subjected to antibiotics.

The result also showcased many interesting facts. If the researchers are to be believed, eating yogurt is of great benefit. Eating yogurt having live cultures is one of the best ways to bring back the "god bacteria" inside the gut. It is of great help for the people and the children who have been on antibiotics for some time.

According to some latest researches, probiotics makes up for one of the best ways to bring back the "good bacteria" into the gut.

Good bacteria make up for the best solutions for certain kinds of allergies. It is advisable for the people who have bad allergies and also for the children to put some "good bacteria" into the system to deal with the allergies. Good bacteria help in dealing with the situation quite nicely.

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